Tag Team Wrestling: A Gushing Appreciation, And Announcing The First Annual TMW Tag Team Tournament

There are many things i find troubling about current WWE. Many many things. But chief amongst them is the way that they de-emphasized what was once one of the coolest things about old WWF, and the thing that got me into modern wrestling: Tag Teams.

Now to be clear, the "Rock 'N Wrestling" era didn't have the tag team situation all to themselves. It was the southern wrestling scene that started it, and you could argue, perfected it. The southern tag structure is still the basis upon which your best tag matches have always been built. And Jim Cornette, no matter what you might think of him as a man with anger issues, does know how to make tag team wrestling work. The Midnight Express were state-of-the-art tag team wrestling for decades. And ever since the Midnights and the Rock N' Rolls, teams with the mastery of this art have always had a special place in my heart.

So it's in honor of that aesthetic, and frankly because I need a few more hits on this blog, that I am announcing the first-ever TMW Tag Team Tournament. If I knew someone who made trophies, I'd hand one out to the winner. But I don't. So instead the winner will just have to be confident in the knowledge that they were the first-ever winners of the Tag Team Tournament on the Majesty of Wrestling.

Here are the 4 regions of the Tournament.

East. First-Round matches to be held in the Asylum Arena, Second-Round Matches to be held in Madison Square Garden, and the Regional Finals to be held in the Barclays Center.

Midwest. First-Round matches to be held in the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago, 2nd-round matches to be held in the AllState Arena, and the Finals to be held in the United Center.

South. First-Round matches to be held in the Mohawk in Austin, TX, 2nd-Round Matches to be held in the Philips Arena, and finals to be held in the Fed-Ex Forum.

West: First-Round Matches to be held in the American Legion Hall in Reseda, CA, 2nd-round matches to be held in the Rose Garden in Portland, finals in the Great Western Forum.

Where will the final four be you ask? The Tokyo Dome.

But i know what you're thinking. I haven't listed any teams yet. And you're right I haven't. Because in the next couple of days, I am going to release the names of the teams who have made the cut. And believe me, you will be surprised as to who does make the cut as well as who DOESN'T.

Thank you for reading.