Dream Match #2: Mike Quackenbush vs Blue Panther

It's back again. Our friendly neighborhood Dream Match series.
 This is our first singles match, and it would be an absolute technical master class. Let's introduce the participants.

One of the true shames of the world is that here are true masters who, for whatever reason, are ignored. This is an example of a guy who was brilliant, is brilliant, and will remain brilliant.

For as long as I can remember, I liked technical wrestling. Still do. it's just so more appealing to me than brawling is, or high-flying (although I will freely admit my endless admiration for the Sasuke Special). but whenever I try to explain my love of technical wrestling, I can't help but point the Blue Panther to people, and his peers like Atlantis, El Hijo Del Santo, and Dos Caras Sr and Jr. (Jr you might know better as Alberto Del Rio.)

But who do I put him against? What wrestler on the American indy scene could I reasonably expect to give him the kind of challenge that would be worthy of his talents.

It's perfect. One of the true llave maestros against a man heavily influenced by that style. In fact, without having even asked him, I imagine this would be a match that he would like to have for real, not just here on the pages of this blog.

But the bigger question is this: Who would win?

Simply, while Quack is inspired by the style, in a lot of ways the Blue Panther IS the style. Blue Panther wins in a technical wrestling dream match.

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