The Majestic Recipe Box: three-cheese Panini

If you follow me on Twitter you'll soon discover that as much as I love talking about wrestling, I also love talking about what I'm making for dinner. So i figured that I would start writing down my lovely sandwich options. First thing up: three-cheese panini with homemade arrabiata sauce.


high-quality bread. pugliese and ciabatta are the best for this, but if you want to tempt fate and use a baguette, I am not going to be the one to stop you.
arrabiata sauce: recipe can be found here
cheese: 2 grated oz each of cheddar, queso quesadilla (found in the mexican\ethnic foods aisle in most supermarkets), and monterey jack. swiss, muenster, and colby jack are also all acceptable substitutes.


cut the bread lengthwise. spoon on enough of the sauce to cover the bottom portion of the bread, then add the cheese. stuff and place on a steaming hot panini press. press until the cheese is melted. eat and enjoy.