Why I Have Stopped Watching The WWE, And A New Mission Statement.

Here's the thing. I started this blog wanting to talk about all kinds of wrestling, and i correctly assumed that the WWE was going to be a huge part of it. I mean, after all, this is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, despite their protestations to the contrary that they are an "entertainment" company or whatever such nonsense. And initially, this blog was exactly that. It's not a smart-marky blog really. It's more of a remembrance and tribute to all of the various things that I love about wrestling, and that I sincerely hope my readership loves as well.

But something happened recently to make me change my mind. And while part of it was Randy Savage, the rest of it had almost nothing to do with him. It had to do with Vince McMahon, and his idea of what professional wrestling should be. And I could take no more.

It wasn't just the fact that us professional wrestling fans could do a better job of providing a proper obituary to the Macho Man Randy Savage than Vince McMahon was able to, with 3 days of lead time and a world-class production staff. It was that we had to wait through multiple intelligence-insulting  angles. Because, quite clearly, the idea of massaging angles that made no sense and appear to do absolutely nothing positive for the bottom line is tremendously more important than paying tribute to a man upon whose shoulders you built an empire. And that was what did it.

To Vince McMahon, and his cadre of painfully underqualified writers, professional wrestling doesn't exist. Their wrestlers aren't wrestlers anymore really, but rather superstars and entertainers. Their fans aren't fans, but mermbers of the WWE universe. And as I continued to think about it I came to realize that the way Vince McMahon wants me to see wrestling, and the way that wrestling actually is, are wildly different.

I have no false assumptions about what I do here. I am not the Wrestling Observer, or any of your more respected news sources. What I am, though, is a rabid fan. I like who I like, and over the coming weeks and months, you will see who that is and what that is. Thank you for listening.

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