The Majesty Of Wrestling Interview with "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush

Since this blog went on hiatus because I write for The Starting Five, It felt sometimes like there was no interview that I could do which would bring me back to where it was that this blog had intended to be. And then, bam, like a bolt from the blue, here came my chance. Chikara Pro's apparently new press outfit offered people the chance to do publicity with any member of their roster that I chose. And of course, like a good boy, i chose someone I follow on Twitter. So with that said, and in the interest of doing business, here is the first in a new feature I'm calling Way Too Brief Interviews.

Quack, do you think it is possible for you to explain exactly how the procurement of the Chikara special guests actually work? Is there a guy in the office who literally pores over every single copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Box y Lucha magazine, and Fighting Spirit magazine, and then makes a series of phone calls?

---We are quite fortunate in that, not only does our magazine research/telemarketing department work a lot of hours, but that we have cultivated great relationships with so many international wrestling offices. When you ask these groups to send you the best representatives, you have to trust that they know their own core strengths well enough to make the right decision.
As someone who went to the King of Trios weekend and enjoyed all 3 nights of it, do you think that this is a sign of what independent pro wrestling has to do in order to succeed in 2011?

---I do not think the success of independent wrestling in 2011 hinges on your enjoyment. That's a very strange thing to ask me, Okori. How could groups located far away from you gauge your enjoyment?  That's very egocentric of you.  
Do you think that the way CHIKARA presents the Osirian Portal is proof that African-American wrestlers can be presented as much more than caricatures? I submit Saba Simba, Kamala, Mark Henry, and several others for emphasis.

---I think a lot of the age old wrestling stereotypes need to be put to sleep like a disease-ridden pet. Women can fight men. Smaller guys can fight bigger guys. The old rules only matter to the old.

While I am thinking of it, is there any tag team past or present that you would like to defend your World Tag Team Titles against alongside your partner Jigsaw?

---Now that they have three points, it's just a matter of time before Osaka Pro's Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada return to CHIKARA, and I for one hope we're holding those belts when they come calling. I'd also like to take on the likes of Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, title defense or not.
Finally, Are there any upcoming events that you would like to promote?

---You can keep up to date with everything I do through chikarapro.com, like live events where I appear and that sort of thing. I also host a variety of podcasts about all manner of topics, and you can find them all here:

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