The 2009 Hall of Fame Class: Why Ricky Steamboat killed something that is already dead

By now you’ve probably already heard and read the 3 names in the class of 2009 for the WWE’s hall of fame. Try as I might to ignore them I’m actually happy for one man in this class: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Not because of his skills, although those are tremendous. Utterly tremendous. rather this tribute, to me at least, serves as the last shovel of dirt on a concept that has been the walking dead for a long time now: the virtuous face.

Think about it…. Name the most popular guys from the last decade. Steve Austin drank beer, cursed, and generally acted like the a-hole you sat across from at a local bar. Shawn Michaels played a male stripper. Need I say more about that? Rey Misterio Jr. even spent a time as a foulmouthed heel.

No, with Ricky Steamboat becoming a hall-of-famer, the era of the proud babyface always doing the right thing and standing up against jerks and bastards is dead. And I for one miss it.

I happily remember watching WCW Worldwide at 12:05 on a Saturday night on CBS 2 here in NYC and wishing Sting, Dustin Rhodes, and the rest of the good guys would shut up the Dangerous Alliance. It was comforting to root for people like that.

Sad to see it gone. But, Ricky, Salud. Enjoy your induction.


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