The first-ever TMW Awards. First up: Most Improved Wrestler of the Decade

Has there been a wrestler over the past decade who has improved himself more than Chris Hero? No I mean really think about it.

At his first breakout..... he was chubby, wore indytastic wrestling gear, and did half-speed Johnny Saint stuff mixed with American Strong Style. Then you sort of forgot about him for a while. Before you knew it... he was back. This time as a cocky heel with a penchant for mind games and much more of a strike-based offense. But then..... he disappeared again, at least to the point where he was a huge deal.

And now look at him. He's become a tremendous deal. He's in great shape. wears real gear now, not the long cargo pants. And has been in the ring with elite guys and not embarrassed himself. c

Just think about it. If I had told you that 2003 Chris Hero would be in the ring with KENTA you would have thought I was drunk. Clearly insane at a bare minimum.  But he was, and it was damned good.

Chris Hero: The TMW Pick for Most Improved Wrestler of the Decade.

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