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Honestly, Glenn, you make this too easy.


For the sake of expediency, I’m going to copy and paste everything he said about the “Best Wrestler in the World” Bryan Danielson. And my responses will be bolded. Helps differentiating the idiocy.

I read a few weeks ago on one of the sites that the "best wrestler in the business" had a dark match with the wwe. So I you tubed this guy and checked him out. No offense to him, but I didn't think he was the "best wrestler in the business" from what I saw. He was decent for the style that he worked, but unfortunately, that style caters to a very small niche audience. Here’s a few of the problems.

Whee. This should be entertaining.

Most people watch professional wrestling because it's professional wrestling. I would profess that there is zero chance that you're going to draw from the mma crowd by doing fake mma. I think most mma fans would be more entertained by the disco inferno vs. the honkytonk man, because at least they know they're watching a pro wrestling match and not some hybrid ridiculous let's do the mma moves and pretend that the moves hurt and insult my intelligence style. Wrestling fans pop more for Mr. socko and the people's elbow than they would for a fake guillotine choke hold.
Ok. First off, if someone was drunk enough to put the Disco Inferno and Honky Tonk Man in front of a MMA crowd then they would deserve whatever kind of foolishness would erupt. And if you think that he’s doing fake MMA fine. That’s your opinion, no matter how utterly misguided it might be. However, he’s not trying to draw from the MMA crowd. He’s playing to his own audience, rabid fans of what happens IN THE RING. And I am not even going to respond to your theory on what wrestling fans pop for. Must explain that epic 1.0 rating you’ve been meaning for the past 4 months.

The guy needs a gimmick. I’m sorry, but you can't sell a plain joe to fans that want sports entertainment.

So the concept of a smug jerk of a guy firmly believing that he happens to be the very best wrestler in the entire world who fights everyone in front of him, and occasionally bends the rules to prove his own superiority, is not a good enough gimmick for you? Or, later in his current run, as the top guy in the company who can make a tag team specialist into a star just by coming close to beating him? That a guy in need of a gimmick? Oh that’s right. I forgot. You work for TNA. Jay Lethal’s Macho-Man impersonation there must be drawing TONS of money. And all the WWE guys that instantly get pushed. (Although, in the interest of full disclosure, Beer Money is pretty cool as a cut-rate Southern Heel tag team.) Subtlety is to you as profit is to TNA. You don’t know what it looks like because you’ve never seen it.

Also, for as good as everyone says this guy is, tna has at least ten guys better. everybody puts over these roh matches like they're the greatest thing ever, but if you put aj and Christian cage against the motor city machine guns for 25 minutes, and told them that you needed at least four stars, I’d bet my life that it would be better than anything roh has ever put out. Once guys like aj and the mcmg's got out of roh, look how much better they got. There’s something to say about the art of selling, which isn't really being taught to the up 'n comers. It makes matches so much more dramatic. It’s what causes the fans to suspend the disbelief to a higher level, because now they become emotionally involved subconsciously when a wrestler can convey suffering and despair to them. I really should open a school someday and teach people how to work. I actually managed to make a pretty good name for myself by dancing around like some schmuck pretending to be john Travolta for the past fifteen years. I think I know what I’m doing.

So hmmm… who could the “everyone” you’re referring to be? Are they the… gasp…. Internet smart marks? You know, the guys who have blogs about wrestling and sleep in their mother’s basements? Or is it the ever-common you tube shooters? Are they the ones who wax rhapsodic about Bryan Danielson? Hmmm… No. Everyone includes William Regal (who gave the guy his ring boots as a show of respect for how good he thought he was), Shawn Michaels (who trained Danielson), Jim Ross (who said that “I watched ROH’s Bryan Danielson wrestle in Oakland and I told any one who would listen that the young man is a keeper. Great work ethic, unique skills, lots of character, and he wrestles like he is a "star" which is not something all wrestlers can do.), and finally the WWE who offered him a developmental deal.

And on the subject of TNA having at least 10 guys better… go ahead and try. Just go ahead and try. Name them all Glen. I’ll give you a week. But before you do that go and ask Samoa Joe how good he thinks Bryan Danielson is, and Homicide, and AJ Styles, and Alex Shelley.

And AJ being better in TNA than he was in ROH? Hmm….. AJ is equal now in both places. And the MCMG’s had a tag match against the Briscoes in ROH that blows away anything that TNA did back to the AMW-XXX tag match.

Finally…. If you open up a school…. Anyone who trains there should be required to immediately be retrained by Mike Quackenbush at Chikara. That guy knows what he’s doing

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